Terms of Service

This User Agreement (the "UA") is the ratio between the Administration TEST.EFROS.COM and an individual (Internet user), to search, view, and location of information on the resource.

Agreement governs the use of the resource and the services it TEST.EFROS.COM services. "UA" applies to all users of the resource. This agreement may be changed unilaterally by the Administration, the changes "UA" You can be notified by hardware resource. With the current - the current version of the "UA" is available by clicking on the link.

TEST.EFROS.COM site provides user access to the resource with the ability to self-organize and manage the User. This site is not a mass of information, resource administration does not perform data editing site users and is not responsible for their content.

The website administration TEST.EFROS.COM respects and protects the copyright and related personal property and non-property rights. Use of material without the consent of the author's resource is allowed only in cases prescribed by law. The user who posted the information on the site itself represents and defends the interests arising in connection with the placement of this information, in relation to third parties.

1.Storony Agreement. The website administration TEST.EFROS.COM, further administration and the individual managing the information on this resource in the future Member, enter into this Agreement, as the "UA", as follows.

2. The subject of "UA". Control of the site provides users the opportunity to share accommodation TEST.EFROS.COM text, photos, audio and video materials in the format specified by the Administration, links to material on this resource, or in other information sources.

3. The rights and obligations of the parties. The user has the right to any legal way to search, receive, transfer, creation and sharing of information, comment and vote for a different user on the site TEST.EFROS.COM. The user is placed on self-management resource information and may at any time remove her or their own account. The user has the right to influence the ratings of other users of the site and take other actions in accordance with established Administration Regulations. The administration has the discretion to create, modify, revoke the Regulation "UA", at its discretion restrict access to any content posted by users, delete content posted by users, as well as the user account. Refuse to register a user account, whose account was previously removed for violating the terms of the Agreement.

The user is obliged to ensure the accuracy of information provided. Any type of information, the creator of which it is not, ensure the incorporation of reliable information of the source of this information or for any other person, and disseminate information in the form and amount of which are sufficient to identify that person. User agrees not to distribute the information, which is aimed at promoting the war, incitement of national, racial or religious hatred and enmity, as well as other information, the dissemination of which is subject to criminal or administrative liability, not to violate the performance site by posting information that contains viruses, creating an additional burden to the server, the utility is not functional due to the content of the information resource and other means.

The Administration undertakes to protect your user account from unauthorized access, destruction, posted by users, as well as other illegal actions in respect of all such information in the possession of technical means. In case the users of information, the dissemination of which is restricted or prohibited by federal law, or make the user a warning and delete this information, or delete a user account.